MS Reader: There Will Be Casualties

The Microsoft Reader is on the latest tech obituaries list. Readers may ask if this news is very relevant since the MS Reader never posed a serious threat to contemporary eReaders, which had far more advanced technology such as e-ink, but with the shutdown of the MS Reader, Microsoft are free (if they choose) to approach the eReader
market any way they choose. Could this mean that Microsoft will make a whole new reader and utilize their latest devices such as the Windows Phone to make some serious damage?

Devin Coldewey of TechCrunch says, “How Microsoft plans to treat e-books now is anybody’s guess. It’s entirely possible that with the new look and feel of Windows 8, Microsoft will want to bring in e-book support with a custom reader app. The actual timing of the Reader roll-up could have been any time in the last year, and the team might be working on making use of Microsoft’s relevant patents and internal advances to make a Live or tablet-focused e-reading environment1.”

Windows 8 could be Microsoft’s greatest weapon to get back into the eReader race. Its apparently easy maneuverability makes it a very good choice for the company. For all we know, Windows 8 could become the new iOS one day.

Coldewey looks towards the future: “The development of Reader coincided with Microsoft’s first tablet push, including such things as handwritten notes and highlighting. Palm and the others offered similar capabilities, but Microsoft was thinking ahead and may have laid in some nice supplies for their next effort, if it exists. The attractive full-screen apps and deep Windows integration in Windows 8 suggest to me that we’ll at least see something native, if not an attempt to replace dedicated ecosystems like Kindle and Google Books.”

If Windows choose to enter the race in this day and age, it will see fierce competition from Apple (the Emperor Palpatine of tablets) and Amazon and Barnes and Noble, who are planning to put out tablets fairly soon.



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