Pottermore Shares Potter E-Rights With Sony

J.K. Rowling’s new strategy to release the very first electronic versions of her Harry Potter series through Pottermore will definitely strike a new vein in her seemingly depth-less gold mine. However, this time around it seems that she will be exclusively allowing Sony to join her on this extended metaphorical mining expedition.

The new Sony e-reader, according to The Register, will be preloading the 7-book series onto their devices as a juicy incentive for buyers1. Being a supporter of Pottermore, Sony was able to enter into a marketing deal with Rowling for “millions” of dollars for early access to the series2.

This kind of exclusive deal was exactly what we were talking about earlier this month. Pottermore will, as of now, remain the only place to purchase the ebooks. The rights to the content will certainly give the Sony reader an edge over the competition–opening an appealing channel to millions of Potter fans just before the October launch of the Pottermore site.

Someone like me, who is still shopping for an e-reader and intrigued to explore the new Pottermore site, will certainly be looking to kill two birds with one stone. And what luck, it’s pay-day.


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