Google + Book Sharing

Google+ is Google’s new social networking venture that has become extremely popular due to its word of mouth campaigns. Let’s face it: people want to be a part of most things that are invite-only. Google+ has taken many of Facebook’s users in the past two months. But is Google+ actually very innovative? There’s one feature that might have readers crooning for an invite.

Google allows its users to share eBooks through its social networking site. This is exciting for people who have been looking for an online model for their book club. Simply pick a book, share it with your friends and discuss. Or maybe readers just want to show their
friends that one line on page 56 that has them laughing out loud.

The Google blog revealed how it works: “You can simply paste the About the Book or Google Books preview URL into your Google+ Share Box. This will show the cover and book details, helping your friends know exactly what you’re sharing with them. While you’re sharing books, you can also +1 them, and the titles will appear in your profile on the +1 tab1.”

This feature could go very well with the Story HD, Google’s first eReader. So far only the Kobo has ever integrated a social networking feature to an eReader. Seeing something fresh on the eReader market could be what’s needed to revitalize it. Having your favorite books and people to share them with at the click of a button could make the Story HD serious competition.



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