Fight Night: Undisputed Champion of the World, iPad vs. Amazon’s Android Tab

The HP TouchPad lasted all of 2 rounds in the tablet ring against the iron fists of the iPad. All the while, the undisputed champion of the world seems to only be growing more popular with every new tablet that steps into the ring. But with the resignation of team Apple’s head trainer Steve Jobs, Amazon has decided to take a jab at the title.

Head trainer, Jeff Bezos, is rumored to be training a new contender during Apple’s time of transition. Their lightweight tablet has a smaller reach (screen size) rumored to measure only 9 (maybe even 7) inches, which is a scale smaller than Apple’s benchmark of around 10 inches–a reach we’ve seen strike popularity with the tablet fans.

Trained up as an Android style fighter, the Amazon contender doesn’t have much to show for itself in light of the failed contenders that came before it. In fact, it won’t even come equipped with a camera. But it’s been a while since a true underdog has come out on top in this tech-driven age, and if Little Mac could beat all the odds in Punch-Out, maybe Amazon can too!

This tablet does have a few strong strategies in its corner. For one thing, the tablet will come pre-loaded with the Amazon App Store. This will help market content to an Android device like never before–offering the reliable one-two-punch-selling combo Amazon is known for.

This also ties into the second strategy. Because Amazon will be focusing on selling content, they can afford to set the sales price pretty low. Although no exact figure has been given, “The New York Post‘s Garett Sloane [reports] that will [be selling] an Android tablet for ‘hundreds less’ than the $499 iPad.1” This provides the Amazon tablet’s southpaw strategy a strong right hook for the iPad to duck. Apple traditionally does the opposite, where they develop strong content to promote the sales of devices with flashy footwork and such.

On paper, the new Amazon tablet doesn’t size up, but all that may not matter when it actually enters the ring. The mighty must fall, and it may just be the iPad’s time. I am not sure how many people will be placing a wager on this new Amazon contender, but it will certainly be an interesting fight. The fists will fly this fall, some time in October. Stay tuned!

Oh, and thank you for working through this grossly extended metaphor.



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