SteamPunk at Panel Discussion: Follow-Up

The Hot Topics panel wasn’t the most organized of the series and the structure of the evening’s discussion quickly unraveled into a panel/audience crossfire. Topics and questions jumped back-and-forth between how digital technology has impacted art, culture, society, economics, and education.

Although it was a crap-shoot of questions and arguments, the evening did brush upon some very important and relevant topics pertaining to how digital media is reshaping publishing and content itself. The event was filmed, capturing over an hour of various points and straight-up soapbox fluff. The footage will be edited into an abridged video and posted soon.

In the meantime, some of the more relevant points of the panel discussion were reminiscent of an article written by Brian O’Leary at Magellan Media. O’Leary examines new digital technology as a vessel, providing content new means of reaching an audience as bound pages have been doing for centuries. He raises an interesting point that, although the vessel has changed, publishers haven’t adapted content strategies and content itself to take full advantage of this new technology—the cargo and ways of navigating being the same, if you will.

This is an excellent prelude to the kinds of ideas shared during the Hot Topics panel discussion.

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