Pixel Qi – It’s Kinda Like Eye Candy

I know this post will excite my girlfriend to say the least. A few months ago, she and I were shopping around for a notebook computer. She was very hesitant to settle on a model because she was not a fan of the ever-growing popularity of the “glossy” LCD screens. I was so accustomed to them, that I honestly had no idea what she was talking about.

However, anyone who has ever taken their laptop outside knows firsthand the flaws of LCD screens—they are tough on the eyes, and the slightest of sun-glare shrouds the image on-screen in a blaze that even a pair of aviators can’t handle. Thankfully, (Lindsay… cough) there is an answer: Pixel Qi.

Pixel Qi screens provide the best of both worlds. Like the amphibian of the digital-display kingdom, this piece of equipment can turn its backlight on and off, acting as the high-powered LCD or even the eye-friendly Kindle.

Transreflective Mode: The backlight is turned down to conserve power for extended office use.

Reflective Mode: The backlight is turned off for outdoor use, making it viewable under the brightest skies (no color).

The issues readers experienced with a glossy screen were even brought up during the Hot Topics discussion. Students claimed the glare and backlight of the iPad was a deal-breaker for them as consumers looking for the optimal reading device. That alone should make this technology very desirable to future tablet developers.

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