Foreworld: The Mongoliad – A Community Driven Epic

From up and down the western seaboard comes a team of  multi-talented writers and techies who have set new standards for the art of epic storytelling. Subutai Corporation has been publishing a historical serial fiction that has been growing in audience and breadth since it went live in September of last year. Besides the quality of its content and a rich Medieval setting, Foreworld: The Mongliad credits much of its success to its following of writers, martial artists, and history buffs—a community not only engaged by an exciting story, but eager to participate in constructing the world alongside its lead writers.

The Mongoliad is the first serial novel of Foreworld. The main arc follows an ancient order of warrior monks called Ordo Militum Vindicis Intactae. The story follows their perilous adventures throughout Eastern Europe at a time when the Mongolian Empire was at its apex with the Great Khan and his horde knocking at the western world’s door.

The story has a lot to offer its readers. A strong focus on western martial arts and a rich cast of characters creates an enjoyable read for any fan of fantasy, scholar of medieval history, or swordplay junkie. The supplementary content consists of high-res illustrations and graphics, and video commentaries that explore themes and delve into the combat styles used in the narrative. An expansive “‘Pedia” provides both a wealth of knowledge regarding Foreworld and the groundwork to see where the lines between fact and fiction blur within the story.

The Foreworld experience doesn’t end once the new chapter is written, either. Each month, subscribers are encouraged to remain active—submitting their own story-arcs, illustrations and content. Through this collaboration, the story is constantly evolving and growing in depth and culture. This changes the workflow from a linear model to one that is more comparable to a gravity well.

As the community, writers, and content continue to feed the world of The Mongoliad, the experience grows in density, pulling in more and more engaging content and active readers. As the experience continues to swell in size and success, the more epic of an experience it truly becomes.

Subutai’s project demonstrates how the techniques of storytelling are adapting for the digital space. Reading was once and still can be an intimate experience—a writer and his words, a reader and his book. But Foreworld: The Mongoliad provides the framework for a more engrossing system, one in which the community can have an active role in building the epic experience for everyone to enjoy.

Check back later in the week for another post pertaining to the The Mongoliad. I had the opportunity to interview the President and CTO of Subutai, Jeremy Bornstein, for an in-depth Q&A about the process of working on a project like Foreworld and the team behind its creation.

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  1. Most excellent. Remember, I’m always around.

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  3. Danorama says:

    Great article Brandon! Love your use of the “gravity well” metaphor to illustrate how enabling and encouraging social media-based contributions can make serial fiction a richer, deeper, and better experience. Mark Zuckerberg would be proud!

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