Web-Fiction Implements Gaming Features in Design

Inspired by my recent feature of Foreworld and interview with Jeremy Bornstein of Subutai, I wrote a blog entry on Gamasutra. It has been my first one in a while, so take a look and give my gaming blog some traffic.

I recently started an industry blog called Words in Gear that focuses on digital publishing. What I enjoy most about this venture is going out and finding standout projects that implement new content strategies that can only work in the digital arena. This separates these writing projects from traditional publishers because they aren’t simply translated works of literature, (epub or PDF files for e-readers). I have been seeing a trend from these new-age writers (and myself) to adopt elements of game design into their writing projects, and feel compelled to share them with the Gamasutra community[…]

Take a look: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/BrandonBattersby/20110527/7692/

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