SPP’s Proof of Concept

The team at SteamPunk Publishing, as well as a handful of dedicated collaborators, is working tirelessly to create the first wave of content for publication. The creative team settled on a two-fold science fiction project that is designed to engage its audience on multiple fronts.

On one end, there will be a serial fiction titled, The Mechanist: the Candidate.1 The fiction will be enhanced with supplementary content and enriched media to offer readers a chance to engage with the story-arc through interactive features and exploratory content like “fictional-pedias” and developer commentaries. The readers will also be provided the tools and forums to expand the universe through their own contributions.

On the other end, SteamPunk Publishing is producing a table-top role-playing game that will be available strictly as a digital product for a more engrossing system. The core content will be loaded with multimedia features to enhance game-play and understanding of the game. Players will be able to manage their games and characters electronically and role-play in the exciting setting of the serial fiction, or develop their own campaigns by making use of the countless tools and content that will be released.

The two elements of the science fiction are both autonomous projects in their own right, as well as huge undertakings. Like peanut butter and chocolate, our audience will be able to enjoy one or the other by itself, but together, the separate elements will come seamlessly together to provide a very dynamic and engaging experience.

The Setting of The Mechanist

Both elements of the project (the serial fiction and RPG) turn heavily to the lore surrounding the setting of The Mechanist for inspiration and design. The setting of the fiction takes place in a not-so-distant future when mankind has successfully expanded into our solar system and made great bounds in biotechnology.

“There comes a point in every species’s history where only its science and technology offer prospects for its evolution. In the future, a paradigm shift to explore human potential has given rise to an explosive trans-humanist movement that pushes the ethical boundaries of the whole solar system. Zealous trans-humanists force man and machine integration to the brink, while enterprising corporations supersede the authority of Earth’s central government to fund even less reputable research operations.

“But amidst the hysteria and rapid expansion, an underground faction called the Mechanists fight to provide a stable cornerstone for the success of humanity’s  physical, technological, and ideological evolution. Their emergence couldn’t have come at a more appropriate hour, as the innate flaws of man and the autonomy of advanced cybernetics have forged a threat like nothing humanity has ever faced.”2

The pilot has undergone a few rewrites since the start of the project, with the intention of delivering the best opening chapter to this captivating story as possible. As for the RPG, the crew is still hammering out the core rules for the game mechanic. The game will have a fast and dynamic combat system that is heavily tailored to a sci-fi setting like no system ever employed before. To follow the progress and developments of this project, periodically check in on the blog and search through Clockwork Posts, or navigate through the Clockworks page.


1,2 Copyright © 2011. SteamPunk Publishing, LLC.


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