Go the F**k to Sleep

Although his voice is characteristically distinguishable from any other, and arguably soothing, it would be the last thing you would want your child to listen to before going to bed—well maybe not the last thing—just don’t let them listen to this one. Samuel L. Jackson narrates Adam Mansbach’s audio edition of Go the F**k to Sleep (the not-quite-your-child’s-bedtime-story). It has gone viral, and it is available free on Audible.com.

What makes this crude and ingenious bedtime story notable is its digital success and unique collaboration strategy. It could have only been made possible through transmedia—the book shows a lot of wit and effort, and Jackson’s narration is simply priceless (literally). Emails, audio samples and pirated PDFs spread throughout the web, drawing the attention of very sympathetic parents and eventually very enthusiastic celebrities.

You need to take the bad with the good when looking at this kind of viral nature. Sure Mansbach’s work is widely available for free, but it has reached its audience. I am sure thousands of parents can appreciate the novelty of this book, and want to own one of its many forms.

You can enjoy it as a hardcover, audio CD, Kindle edition and as a PDF, which you can most likely find a copy of online. The crisp illustrations combined with Jackson’s iconic vulgarity makes Go the F**k to Sleep a comical delight. It’s definitely worth a laugh and may ease you into this Monday morning.


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