Google Has a Serious Page Turner: Story HD

The media and content tycoons at Google have announced the release of their own e-reader that will be available this Sunday for $140.00–a price that compares to the Kindle.

They teamed up with product manufacturer, Iriver, assembling the Story HD. The e-reader has an antique two-tone color finish of bronze/bone-white. The device features wifi, a convenient QWERTY keyboard, and the world’s first High Resolution XGA E-ink screen that packs in about 60 percent more pixels than the competition–allowing the device to be smaller and comfortably readable.

But being supported by Google also comes with a few perks. This is the first E-reader that provides access to Google eBookstore clients and over 3 million titles through wifi, including scanned titles of Google Books made available for free. This puts one of the largest libraries at the users’ fingertips without the need to plug into a computer at home. It will be a key advantage to be reckoned with.

With tablet ownership growing and new colored e-reader/tablet hybrids on the rise, it will be interesting to see what comes of Google’s and Iriver’s Story HD–a serious page turner. Can the improved e-ink technology and Google eBookstore provide the edge this device will need to carve a place for itself in the digital device marketplace?


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