Bookbags Getting Lighter

Textbooks are closer to becoming a serious presence in the book app market than ever before. Students make up a large percentage of the iOS audience as younger consumers flock around devices that offer new ways to consume media.

Students all over the country want a lighter book bag. Carrying 20 lbs of books on your back is not and will never be in style.

Dianna Dilworth of eBook Newser says, “According to a new study from education software company Kno, American college students dislike lugging school books around so much that 73 percent of them are willing to give up sex in order to avoid having to carry books.”

Convenience and affordability are definitely the ends that students are looking for.

Dilworth says, “According to the study,  24 percent of students carry 20 lbs or more of books on a typical day. In addition, 46 percent of college students have been prevented from studying because they forgot the specific book they needed; 20 percent have lost their books and 16 percent have been hindered due to missing pages in the book.”

Companies such as CourseSmart are finding ways to make textbook acquisition more convenient and cost effective. Students can get textbooks for up to 60 percent cheaper from its library, which is 20,000 eBooks strong1.

The CourseSmart app itself serves as a marketplace and platform. The app works very much like most store apps in which you browse and rent the texts you need. The rental system is very generous, giving you enough time to finish the semester. It also allows for super discounts on much-needed textbooks.

The most innovative capability in the app is the ability to “highlight, search, copy, paste, take notes, share and print while offline.” This makes buying eTextbooks a true “on-the-go” experience. No matter where you are, you can study your periodic table.

Sean Devine, CEO at CourseSmart, says, “CourseSmart’s use of ground-breaking technology and our innovative approach further demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing students and faculty with extraordinary access to affordable, outcome-oriented digital course materials. Eliminating the necessity for users to make a choice between online and offline access is a significant step forward in our goal of providing students and faculty access to digital course materials from any device, anywhere.”

Hopefully, this app will begin to further alleviate the ever-breaking back of the college student and fatten his or her wallet.



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