Pottermore is Near

A version of the Pottermore beta is now live, and the only way for eager users to get an invite is to compete in a trivia contest called Find The Magic Quill. Every day, a new trivia question is posted on the Pottermore website. The first few people to post the answer to quill.pottermore.com will get a chance to sign up for the beta. Be weary: the questions aren’t posted at the same time every day, so you have to keep your thinking caps on because you’ll never know when they might appear.

There hasn’t been a bigger multi-billion dollar phenomenon in my generation than the Harry Potter series, which came to a close earlier this month with the premiere of the eighth and final film. Well, this summer seemed as good a time as any for J.K. Rowling, the humble, god-like creator of the series, to announce to Harry Potter fans a new online platform known as Pottermore.

Though many details about Pottermore are still in the shadows, one announcement Rowling made in her dramatic YouTube video was that Pottermore would be the exclusive platform of the Harry Potter eBook marketplace. For readers who have been following the ePublishing war between Apple and the World, acquisition of the exclusive rights to sell the Harry Potter eBooks would be huge for any of these companies. The series has millions of fans around the world, and readers would flock around the device that holds this series in its grasp. Will Rowling allow other companies to sell her eBooks? Time will tell.

Besides Pottermore’s marketplace, the site works very much like a book app would. The site is meant to give more in-depth details into the world of Harry Potter. The interactive portion of the site allows fans to navigate through the series and experience its environments and characters. For example, fans start off in Privet Drive—where a very famous cupboard sits beneath a set of stairs. Fans will be able to go through Harry’s cupboard, as well as hundreds of the places he visits in the books.

Pottermore is not exactly an MMO, although it is a game of sorts. It is meant to be used as a companion to the books. Fans go on Harry’s journey: they visit Diagon Alley to buy all the things they’ll need for their adventure, acquire a wand, travel through the barrier to Platform 9¾ and ride on the train to Hogwarts—all while getting a closer look into the people and settings of the Harry Potter universe.

This site is definitely a great compendium and one-of-a-kind when it comes to literary experiences. Fans will be able to flock around Pottermore and enjoy the series all over again or for the first time—in a new way, of course.

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