These posts are reserved for SteamPunk Publishing’s project updates and news. I think it’s important to share our story and talent as a way of practicing what we preach. Tune in to hear about our latest struggles and triumphs.

SteamPunk Publishing is Featured

I met a very ambitious graphics designer this Monday, Monica DyBuncio. She is currently a photo editor at and a volunteer at NY Creative Interns. She agreed to feature the company and interview me. Here is a link to … Continue reading →

Web-Fiction Implements Gaming Features in Design

Inspired by my recent feature of Foreworld and interview with Jeremy Bornstein of Subutai, I wrote a blog entry on Gamasutra. It has been my first one in a while, so take a look and give my gaming blog some … Continue reading →

Hot Topics: Highlights

The footage from the Hot Topics discussion panel has been edited, exported and uploaded to the SteamPunkPub channel on YouTube. The length of the discussion was shortened to under twenty minutes of highlights and had to be divided into two … Continue reading →

SteamPunk to be Speaking at Panel Discussion

Representatives of SteamPunk Publishing LLC. were recently invited to join a panel discussion at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The program is titled, Where the Digital Future is Taking Us, and is a Hot Topics discussion focusing on the trends of new media and … Continue reading →

SPP’s Proof of Concept

The team at SteamPunk Publishing, as well as a handful of dedicated collaborators, is working tirelessly to create the first wave of content for publication. The creative team settled on a two-fold science fiction project that is designed to engage its … Continue reading →


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